World’s Fastest Robot built by World’s ‘Highest Load Rating’ Capacity Bearing Manufacturer


Global Launch of “MZ07”, the World’s Fastest Lightweight and Compact Robot

NachiMZ07NACHI-Fujikoshi has developed the MZ07, the world’s fastest lightweight and compact robot (7 kg payload), which is on sale worldwide as of September 2. This product will help NACHI-Fujikoshi to respond to demand for robotization and automation not only in its traditionally strong fields of automobiles and industrial machinery, but also across more diverse areas such as electric appliances, electronics, foodstuffs and chemicals.

1. Market Demand

The demand for robotization is growing as manufacturing sites aim to boost quality and decrease costs via manpower reductions and automation. In particular, the demand for compact robots to handle manual tasks such as machining, transporting small objects, assembling, packaging and crating will expand even further in China and other emerging nations in the face of steep rises in labor costs, a decreasing workforce and the combination of a dwindling birthrate and an aging population.

2. MZ07 Features

(1) Improved productivity due to the world’s fastest motion performance
Using a lightweight and rigid body and our independently developed control technology, we achieved the world’s fastest operating speed, a 37% increase on previous models. This contributes to increased productivity in a wide range of applications.

(2) Compact and wide motion range
Even though it has a compact installation area smaller than A4 paper size, the MZ07 has a class-topping maximum reach with a payload of 7 kg. Its portability (base machine mass approx. 30 kg) and space saving design with a wide motion range mean that this robot can be easily installed on new equipment, or used to replace a robot on existing equipment.

(3) Smart cable layout
The hollow wrist simplifies the laying out of wires and cables to parts installed at the end of the wrist, such as a hand. All the cables pass through the hollow interior, greatly reducing the risk of them interfering with peripheral equipment.

(4) High dust and water resistance is a standard feature
Dust and water resistance has been boosted in both the body and the wrist (protection level IP67), enabling the robot to be used in unfavorable environments such as where loose particles are scattered during deburring or coolant scattered during machining processes.

(5) Wide range of options and flexible installation conditions
Seven types of standardized hands (optional) and applications such as visual/force sensors can be selected according to your purpose. The various installation methods can be switched between manually to support different needs; in addition to a floor installation type, a wall installation, ceiling suspension or slanted installation type can be selected at will.

(6) “CFD”, a compact, highly functional controller
We have commercialized the CFD compact controller to support the MZ07. It can be installed vertically, thus helping to save space.
Features such as a software PLC to control the system, including peripheral equipment, and an offline simulation tool are provided as standard, offering both high functionality and ease of use.

(7) Remodeled exterior
The overall gently rounded form and the line and coloring on the arm give the MZ07 a stylish and original appearance that distinguishes it from previous NACHI-Fujikoshi models.

(8) Manufacturer’s suggested retail price : Open pricing

3. Targeted markets
(1) Regions : Worldwide launch in regions such as Japan, the Americas, Europe, China, ASEAN and East Asia 
(2) Industries : Automobiles, automobile components, general industrial machinery, electrical appliances, electronics, foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nonferrous metals, housing, etc. 
(3)Purposes:Assembly, loading (inserting materials), retrieval, packing, inspection, deburring, polishing/finishing, sealing (applying sealing agent), etc.
4. Future Activities

(1) Launch : September 2, 2013

(2) Sales target : 2,000 units/year (2014)

(3) Series expansion
Starting with the launch of the MZ07, by expanding our line-up of compact robots we will promote the robotization of complex manual work that has hitherto been difficult to robotize and expand our market.

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