GGB Bearing Technology Video – Validating Customer Bearing Solutions

This 2:33 video presents GGB Bearing Technology’s comprehensive in-house testing capabilities. The knowledge gained from this testing helps assure consistent, high-quality bearing performance; superior new product development; and appropriate and validated bearing selection and design.

These capabilities include extensive material testing for properties such as strength, friction, wear, and fatigue and erosion resistance. Testing is specifically designed to understand the effects of temperature and pressure on bearing performance, allowing GGB to establish helpful customer guidelines for each of its principal product lines – solid polymer, metal-polymer, filament wound, bushing blocks and thrust plates, metal and bimetal.

All test rigs designed and built by GGB are equipped to continuously capture online temperature, friction and wear data. The test system simulates the appropriate sliding motion under a desired load to determine static and dynamic friction. A variety of rigs are available to evaluate material friction and wear behavior under rotating and oscillating motions.

Of particular interest is “Colossus”, a unique test bench developed and manufactured by GGB to simulate the high loads on large-diameter bearings used in many of its markets. Giant linear actuators move a shaft in contact with the test bearing, while pneumatically driven levers press against it with several tons of force. This allows the wear and friction behavior of the material to be measured under realistic conditions.