DUNLOP Bearing – Transmissions – Linkages

We are pleased to announce that as of 1st April 2015, our company name has changed to DUNLOP BTL LTD formerly Medway UK Ltd.

Please update your system with immediate effect, only our company name has changed all other details such as contact names, location addresses, telephone and payment details remain the same, however e-mail address have changed, please replace all addresses to

DUNLOP Bearings, Transmissions and Linkages are manufactured in the UK, across Europe and Asia; they are of the highest quality with packaging and labelling to match. V-Belts & Pulleys, Timing Belts & Poly-V Belts, Taper Bushes, Roller Chain, Rod Ends, Spherical Bearings & Ball Joints are available from stock now, with additional products coming on line over the next few weeks.

DUNLOP BTL is a committed European manufacturer, and wherever possible will produce within the EU; to fulfil this promise we are currently expanding our UK factory to allow the availability of a new product line by the end of this year!

The new ‘Transmissions’ catalogue is available on-line to view now at Printed copies will be on their way to you shortly.