BMG Launches R400m World Site Facility in Gauteng

Technical solutions provider BMG, which is part of Invicta Holdings, has officially launched its BMG World site, in Johannesburg, which is the culmination of a consolidation and supply chain re-engineering strategy that began nearly ten years ago.

“The company’s R400-million investment to upgrade its existing Droste Park facilities into a leading-edge distribution center centralizes functional and support operations onto one site. Through this rationalization initiative, BMG strives to achieve cost optimization and improve regionalized branch office systems, thereby enhancing customer service capability,” BMG MD Gavin Pelser noted at the launch on Thursday.

New facilities comprise more than 308 000 m³ of warehousing and more than 300 000 line items of product, which can range from O-ring seals weighing 2 g, to gearboxes weighing up to 50 t.

Of the significant investments made into the facility over the past four years, the majority of the investment was applied to enhancements in the product warehouse and distribution center, where BMG incorporated automated warehouse management systems, as well as JDA merchandise performance analysis software solutions, Pelser told Engineering News Online.

The company has also invested in the latest materials handling equipment, including high bay reach trucks, to optimize volumetric efficiency. Special machinery at the new facility includes eight dock levelers that will handle about 120 40 ft containers a month.

Key specialist machinery at BMG World includes a 200 kW regenerative load test rig, which has been developed in response to demand from local industry for absolute reliability from new gearboxes. This system uses technology to transmit and apply loads of up to 30 000 Nm, with the lowest energy consumption.

The facilities also include an advanced manufacturing center and general engineering workshop, specialist assembly and repair workshops for drives, conveyors, hydraulics, and pneumatics, as well as electric motors, electronics, gaskets, lubrication systems and filtration systems.

This enables BMG to continue to provide high levels of operating efficiencies and service delivery, in line with the continued growth of the business, according to Pelser.

The upgraded facility also hosts the BMG Academy of Excellence’s practical and theoretical training, which applies Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority accreditation for skills development and training for company employees and customers.

“We have moved from being a supplier of products to . . . solutions where we have incorporated our gearbox manufacturing facility, as well as our fluid technology, hydraulics, and pneumatics facilities into this facility. Hence, BMG World offers you every single component you need,” Pelser said.

The company’s range encompasses bearings, seals, power transmission components, drives, motors and materials handling components. BMG’s product portfolio also includes hydraulics and pneumatics, fasteners and tools, as well as valves, filtration and lubrication systems.


While customers now have greater accessibility to BMG’s products, through more than 148 BMG branches and a wide distribution network in South Africa and in Swaziland, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania, Pelser pointed out that further expansions are planned.

He explained that BMG aims to have more than 30% of its R4-billion turnover coming from a business in Africa.

“BMG will further open a branch in Ghana, in November, and will also continue its growth strategy in East, West and Central Africa,” Pelser said.

Despite a tough economic and business environment, Pelser highlighted “a positive trend” in world markets, citing growth in the European, US and Asian economies as key indicators.

In South Africa, however, Pelser called for political issues, bribery and corruption to be addressed.

BMG marked the official opening of the upgraded BMG World distribution and engineering facility by hosting a two-day event, which included site tours, product exhibits, and working demonstrations to demonstrate how BMG integrates its vast product range and extensive technical services, into tangible operational efficiencies