Avoiding over-lubrication with UE Systems Grease Caddy

As many as 60 to 80 percent of all bearing failures (catastrophic, functional and premature) are lubrication-related: whether it’s poor lubricant selection, poor application, lubricant contamination or lubricant degradation. In addition to selecting the correct lubricant, use UE Systems’ ultrasound instruments to identify a lack of lubrication and prevent over lubrication conditions.


Set a baseline for each bearing, test routinely to note decibel increases. When a bearing reaches an 8 dB gain over baseline with no change in sound quality, it is in need of lubrication. When applying lubricant, stop when the dB level drops to baseline. It is that easy!


The UE Systems Grease Caddy is an instrument developed specifically for supporting your lubrication practices. Advantages:

  • Cost effective instrument for lubrication engineers
  • Simple to operate
  • Keeps your hands free to lubricate with the help of mounting bracket or belt holster

Key advantages of UE Systems Ultrasound Bearing program

Ultrasound requires limited training need:

  • Implementation process is fast & integrates easy into existing programs
  • Data Management Software easy to use and creates the reports you need
  • For each level of engineers a program to fit your needs
  • Transfer of existing programs is easy, making it long term sustainable


  • DMS and Spectralyser software packages are license & update free!
  • Regular updates available on this website for added reporting functions

Global presence & support:

  • Multinational sites can be supported locally
  • Comparison of multiple plant data / benchmarking
  • Technical support available to our customers

Contact UE Systems if you like to ask for a demonstration or discuss implementation possibilities

UE Systems Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy

UE Systems Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy