AEGIS® Debuts New and Improved Website

AEGIS® recently launched a new website with information on the AEGIS® Bearing Protection Ring, mounting options, the problems it solves, why it outperforms competing technologies, best practices for its installation, and case studies on how companies have used it to solve bearing/motor damage problems. Information on the site has been reorganized and the site’s navigation has been simplified. Commented Adam Willwerth, Sales and Marketing Manager for AEGIS®, “The new site allows us to present more information in an easier to navigate format.”

aegis-slAEGIS® Bearing Protection: Why it’s needed

The changes start with a cleaner, more spacious look and feel. All of our content has been reorganized into just a few categories: Our product lines, the whys and hows of bearing protection, literature, how to purchase AEGIS® rings, and motor manufacturers offering AEGIS® factory-installed.

aegis-cnt2AEGIS® Bearing Protection Products

All of those sections are accessible from every page on the site via the appropriate tab in the header. Some of those categories are self explanatory, but some of them will be explored below.

The Bearing Protection section discusses the need for shaft grounding. Starting with its causes and how to test for shaft voltages, it discusses the types of electrical bearing damage that can occur and how to inspect for them. It also includes best practices for protecting motors against such damage.

aegis-cnt3Literature and Support

Literature and Support contains a wealth of technical and application-specific resources:  Technical white papers, case studies, and videos, along with product brochures, datasheets, and installation instructions.  Above all, it offers the award-winning AEGIS® Bearing Protection Handbook.  The centerpiece of the new website, the Handbook discusses the causes, effects, and mitigation of electrical bearing damage, as well as how to specify AEGIS® Bearing Protection for future projects.

Finally, the OEM tab links to a page listing manufacturers that offer motors with AEGIS® Rings factory-installed (internally or externally) either as standard or through their modification shops.

aegis-cnt4Where to Buy AEGIS®

And if, after visiting the new website you still have questions about AEGIS®  products, best practices for their use, or anything else, just click on the Contact Us link for the names and phone numbers of AEGIS® sales and customer service personnel.  They are always ready and willing to help you.

To learn more about AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings and how they protect motors from electrical bearing damage, we invite you to visit and wander through our new website: