Schweiss Doors Introduces Spherical Bearings for Hydraulic One-Piece Doors


Schweiss Doors, a provider of bifold and hydraulic one-piece doors, has made another design improvement to its hydraulic one-piece doors with the addition of “spherical” bearings. All Schweiss “Red Power” Hydraulic Doors are now built with spherical bearings.


Spherical bearings are used in many industries including in tractor three-point hitches, planters, drawbars, car suspensions, engines, driveshafts, heavy machinery and other applications.

Schweiss Hydraulic Door spherical bearings are located between the teardrop area and cylinder plate at each end of the doors’ large lifting and closing cylinders. Each door frame has a certain amount of deflection when in operation. Spherical bearings allow for less friction, eliminate binding, wear and damage to a door cylinder and take up any flexing of the door frame.

Based in Fairfax, Minn., Schweiss Doors provides products for many applications including agricultural, aeronautical, industrial, commercial and residential.