NTN Announces New Plant for Large Bore Industrial Bearing Production

NTN Americas

NTN Corporation will construct a new plant in the Shika-machi region of Ishikawa Prefecture to increase production capacity of high-precision forged products for large bearings and industrial machinery.  NTN has been expanding business in growing markets, and also focusing on the industrial machinery business in various countries, in line with its ongoing three-year rapid growth initiative.

NTN Americas

NTN Shika Corporation has adapted proprietary technology obtained from Hakui Maruzen Co., Ltd., which has a range of advanced technology in its possession, to supply high-precision forged products for large bearings used in various types of industrial machinery, and rings used in construction machinery.

In addition to starting new production in China for completed products of bearings for industrial machinery, efforts are being made to increase local production capacity in Europe and America. Production capacity has also been increased in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan in efforts to rebalance production capacities.

Constructing the new plant adjacent to the existing plant will increase production capacity of high-precision forged products as a means of meeting increased demand for large bearings around the world, as well as expanding sales to construction machinery manufacturers and new customers.

Construction of the new 36,000 sqft plant will begin in July 2012, with production planned to start in September 2013.
Founded in 1918, NTN operates more than sixty plants worldwide and is the third largest bearing manufacturer in the world.  Visit us online at www.NTNAmericas.com

source: NTN Americas