Construction of NTN Akaiwa Corporation Completed

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) hereby announces that it has completed construction of NTN Akaiwa Corporation (hereafter, NTN Akaiwa) in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture. NTN Akaiwa was established for manufacturing various bearings for automobiles and industrial machinery.

NTN Akaiwa

1. Aim of the new plant

NTN is increasing production capacity in many regions around the world, as well as expanding sales faster, in order to strengthen the bearing business, its main line of products.

The newly completed NTN Akaiwa is a model plant that manufactures small and medium sized bearings for automobiles and industrial machinery, and incorporates “monozukuri” using the latest production technology, and an “environmentally-friendly concept” designed to save energy. From a “monozukuri” perspective, manufacturing equipment has been installed for higher efficiency production by better interconnecting various individual processes, such as grinding and testing. “Environmentally-friendly concepts” include the installation of solar and wind power generators, combined with illumination utilizing light emitting diodes (LED) throughout the entire plant.

Completion of construction of NTN Akaiwa provides NTN with greater production capacity, and also helps to diversify risks between production plants.

Coordination with Okayama Works, NTN Bizen Corporation and other suppliers and manufactures located in the same eastern district of Okayama Prefecture will help to develop a more integrated bearing production system, covering pre-processes through to finished products, all within the same region.

2. Overview of NTN Akaiwa
(2) Line of business: manufacture and sales of various bearings for automobiles and industrial machinery
(3) Location: 100-43 Tsurui, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
(4) Representative: Masanori Ichikawa, President
(5) Capital: 1.25 billion yen (100% investment by NTN)
(6) Established: September 2008
(7) Site area: approximately 66,000m2
(8) Total floor area: approximately 16,000m2 (single story (some double story sections))
(9) Employees: approximately 160 (FY2014)

Source: NTN