BHPetrol launches new SynGard lubricant

BPH Syngard2

BHPETROL or BHP, recently launched its new engine lubricant called the SynGard 8000. The new fully synthetic motor oil has been developed for all types of petrol engines, and offers several unique features for the Malaysian consumer market.

BPH Syngard1

The SynGard 8000 has received accreditation and rating standards by the American Petroleum Institute or API for several of its technological advancements.

The new motor oil features an improved high temperature deposit protection for pistons, stringent sludge control, and seal compatibility through the formula’s increased lubricant strength.

BPH Syngard2
It is also formulated to shield all engine surfaces, including moving parts surfaces. Without trading off power and efficiency, the SynGard 8000 promises to deliver robust protection, and a wear and tear reduction of up to five times.

BHP will be demonstrating the SynGard’s capabilities through their racing partnership with Garang Racing and their Lotus Elise race car in the local motor-sports scene.

Available nationwide at BHP stations and authorized dealers, the new SynGard 8000 retails at RM188 for a standard 4-litre pack.


source: The Sun Daily